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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a veteran stoner from class of '72. The marijuana industry in the state of California has surely changed over the decades. I thought I knew it all until medical marijuana was legalized. Now, there are over 1,000 strains available and more on the way.
    Today I use marijuana for medical reasons (i'm a hypo-condriac and marijuana is the cure all). I grow small gardens for personal use - no bragging about 100 pound yeild harvests for me. I am here to learn what I don't know and to pass on what info i do know. I also hope to make some new friends. Thanks.:wave:
  2. What's up man? Glad to have ya. We're you born and raised in Cali? It must've been so awesome witnessing the cannabis culture flourish like it did out here. How was the bud back in the 70s compared to now?

  3. Back in the early to mid 70's we bought some shit called mersh (commercial shwag or stress) for $10 an ounce. It was mexican dirt weed and it had a million seeds in the bag. Tasted like shit but it got us high. There were only a few top shelf strains available back then for 25 an ounce. Panama red, Alcupulco gold and maui wowie. Those strains were hard to get back then. Everyone and i mean everyone had mersh (we used to call it grunge).
    Then in the mid 70's sinsemilla was developed. Then came thai weed , gangi, and the high grader strains started to put the stress out of business. Mexican cartels were hurting because North cali was takin over. Then in the 80.s came hasplant and skunk and opinated buddah thai. Then in 1990 my son was born and i quit smoking for about 10 years. Now I'm getting back into it and it sure has changed.
  4. How was the top shelf for $25/ounce like the Maui wowie and the panama red compared to a top shelf strain from the dispensary? Sorry for all the questions I'm just curious hahahaha I'm only 18 and been smoking for four years and feel like I missed a lot being this young
  5. The weed today is slightly better than it was years ago. That's because of the scientific procedures that involves indoor growing. The top shelf of the 70's was grown outdoor. The maui wowie was incredible. It was grown on the islands then smuggled into the mainland. In 1977 1 kilo of maui cost $1000. And it was the best around at that time.

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