hello from incredible india!

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  1. Hello guys this is Zaid m from hyderabad,India studying computer science and smoking weed since 4 years....Anyone from hyderabad just let me know will love to smoke together...
  2. welcome to grasscity!!!!!
  3. I'm envious. Enjoy this lawn :D
  4. Hi, well I'm on the same continent but a long long way away so too far for toking together I'm afraid. How is India for a tokers vacation? I'm thinking of visiting Goa with my GF. Is it a good place to find a wide selection of good weed?
  5. @topcat22
    Hello, Welcome to india bro its awesome place for tokers vacation, goa is a nice place u'll love the atmosphere u will find a gud potential weed but u cant find variety in goa for that u hav to visit north india like kulu manali..etc
  6. new to hyd. where can i score some bud safely. dhoolpet is safe to go n ask? message me if anyone can give some good details. thanks a lot!!!!
  7. Welcome, I have been to India many times, have had some of the best hash EVER in the Himalayas, bought 3ounces for literally nothing, lasted me the whole trip from Punjab to Arunchal Pradesh!

    Peace and love my brothers, I hope you are enjoying the freedom... Police don't care, drop a few hundred rupees in their pockets haha!

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