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    Hello i'm the Blubberman from Germany

    I've seen the first class pictures in the "The High-End Glass Picture Thread"!

    That are incredible Bongs, i've never seen this bevore!

    I smoke weed & hash over 30 jears, and now there are the first Perc.-Bongs in Germany!

    I hope i can get a Toro in Europe any time!

    Greetz and stay tuned!


    PS.: excuse my worst english, please!
  2. Welcome to GC, I'm visiting in Germany right now for four or so weeks, currently in Gütersloh, what city are you in man?
  3. I'm living in a little town in Allgäu/Bavaria. I won't say what town, because the law is very hard against Weed-Smokers!

    It's near the "Schloss Neuschwanstein"!

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