Hello from Germany

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  1. Hello fellow grasscity Forum members,
    About myself:
    - live in germany
    - 21 year old male
    - work as a mechanic (to be exact I work with injection moulds.
    This requires a 3 and a half year career training which i will be completing in November this year)
    - as a kid I have lived in the USA (Florida, Tennessee)
    - Music taste: mostly electronic music or rap but I'm open to everything
    - Favorite Stoner Movie: Pineapple Express
    - experienced with Indoor
    If you want to know more about me just Message me or reply :)
    Offtopic: I would love to move to the USA and work in the mmj industry. Maybe someone has made the experience moving from abroad to the USA and could give me some tipps or even help. 

  2. guten Tag, willkommen!!
    (Thank you to google translate)

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