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  1. Hey guys, smoked for my first time back in November due to being sick of prescription medicines not working and of course the awful side affects that they bring. Well, actually I had wanted to smoke for a while, but when a sexy Red Bull model, offered to smoke me up for free, what can I say, I couldn't resist. Anyway, I have Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. The bud made that flare up really bad the next day, however for the next two weeks, I barely got sick at all. I found that if I smoke on a daily basis, after that initial first day, I am golden for quite awhile! So being sick of smoking with people that I am not great friends with, I invested in my own pipe from a local headshop. Primal Expressions in Bethlehem. Anyway, I am rambling, sorry haha. I greatly enjoy smoking alone, maybe this is because I am new to smoking? But it allows me to get lost in my own thoughts, music, and bodily actions. Long story short. I have been going to grasscity this whole time for tips on the best headshop near me, what to look for in a bowl, and even whether or not odd symptoms of smoking were unique to me. Finally joined today after reading a hilarious thread about awkward/hilarious conversations with parents and friends while baked. This community is great, you guys are mad chill, and I hope that if nothing else, I can gain some more insight or provide my company. Thanks guys!
  2. Welcome, is it always sunny there?
  3. I feel poorly for you living in philadelphia I went to school there for a year but disliked it.

    Welcome to the city of grass.
  4. lately its been soooo nice! but nah, its mostly foggy XD the show is actually filmed in la. i found out about that when i was baked, such a buzzkill =/
  5. where abouts? i am currently at temple university and absolutely love it here! definitely the best decision that i have made in a long time. but yeah, i can see why you wouldnt like it. i had to see past all of the flyers fans as well when i moved here
  6. I'm right across the river, and its never sunny in Philadelphia lol. Temple is a nice spot tho had a few friends who went there, and its not the flyers fans who suck its the bandwagon phillies fans and the drunk eagles fans

  7. meh, im a devils fan so i cant stand the flyers fans haha. also i grew up playing hockey in pa and seeing my friend have their collar bones broken by cheap checks from a kid inspired by donald brasheer, and then the parents calling him a pussy for not getting up as he spit up blood. or when i was boarded from behind and got knocked out for like 15 minutes and as i got carried off in a stretcher, i was booed by parents for getting their star player thrown out haha.
    sorry about that rant lol,
    BUT yeah! Temple's Great! I love it here... except my roommate =/
  8. Penguins mofuckaaa , but welcome to the city I'm from Allentown
  9. Flyers games are awesome tho especially when the devils are in town
  10. Welcome welcome - I'm a lurker, but I'm in Philly too. Love it here too. Great food, nice people. Can't ask for much more :)
  11. howdy neighbor :wave:
  12. Go Bruins go!

  13. hey guys, where about in philly? im at temple

    and bruins are the shit
    im a devils fan though
  14. In west Philadelphia born and raised...on the playground is where I spent most of my days....

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