Hello from Denver!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andrianakos, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, hows it going? Just wanted to say hey from the mile high! Anyone else here from Denver? Smoking some sour diesel, its gonna be a good night :smoke:
  2. Hi, and welcome!
    I'm in Littleton, enjoying a bowl of super silver haze :wave:
  3. Nice, I don't go out to Littleton much though. Closest I go is Park Meadows where I work LOL
  4. Welcome...:wave:
    I'm up towards the mountains...
    Enjoy the site, and don't try to post ridiculous things.
  5. Niiiice! I JUST moved to Denver today to pursue my Graphic Design / Photography, Got off the plane about an hour ago. My roommate works for the government so he doesn't smoke. I got to smoke me a nice hooter of Chocolate Diesel before heading to the airport this morning...

    Now the search is on! I'm probably going to go get my Medical MJ card due to my severe back pains (tumors) and crohns disease, until then I was told to check out the Civic Park... is this true? I'm living in the DTC, doesn't look like there would be much of anything out here lol... Could be wrong. Enjoy the smoke guys!

  6. Nice! You're gonna love Colorado. Where will you be going to school? Civic park is pretty chill most of the time, I don't go there much though. Yeah there are hookups in DTC lol, I only live about 10-15 minutes away from DTC, nice area by the way!
  7. Welcome Fiend!

    Getting your MMJ card here is very easy and cheap. Most places don't care if you have medical records or not, just pick a dispensary you like, cause they're trying to make it so you can only go to that one. Not in effect yet, but heads up.

    Enjoy Denver, I love it here :smoke:
  8. And don't go to civic center park! It's full of sketchy people selling way harder stuff. Same for 16th st. mall.

    Just get your card and you'll have as much as you want that day.

  9. Well is it true its taking 8 months for people to get their card? I read that if you don't get your card or denied within 35 days you can use your App/Doctors Rec to get medicine. Do you suggest/recommend a clinic to go to? My friend said he saw a sign saying they have a dr at this one dispensary and you can walk out with herb... But everyone online conflicts with that. I appreciate any help man! I love it here, I went downtown last night, went to the tilted kilt (nom nom :eek:) then rented a bike and cruised with my friend for a few hours. I _love_ it here. I'm never leaving.

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