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  1. Whats up everyone! If you are from the SOUTH then please post! Hell even if you just been here and loved it post!! I'm currently smokin' Pineapple Chunk (self grown), and GDP, also EAR WAX hash from Colorado! Life is good now!
  2. Hey what's going on? I live in Georgia, about an hour north of Atlanta. Nice to hear you are able to grow your own herb:)
  3. I live about 40 mins to and hour north of atl too
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    Well cool, and hey!:)
  5. Wadup .. living in Jacksonville, AL about an hour and half west of ATL
  6. heeeyyy.

    whats hattenin!
  7. wat up adanks got my lil grow goin in my laundry room in my apartment, my boy from airizona taught me.
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    Dude that's awesome. I wish I could grow my own, but it's too hard with my current living situation.:p
  9. I know what you mean. Where I live I can't grow shit. I'm trying though.
  10. livin in the south by an hour
  11. Got tired of paying out the ass for a decent stash. If you want the best you gotta grow it yourself. Not as hard as people want you to believe. If they make Joe Public believe that it's hard, no one will attempt to grow, and prices stay high-i-i-i-i-i-i-i........

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