Hello fellow pot heads.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LakeAustinBum, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Finally decided to join after creeping around for a while... Looking forward to being part of this neat-o community. I live in Austin, Texas (any of y'all around?) and love it here. Not so much goes for the rest of Texas.

    Hope you're all having an awesome day/night :wave:
  2. Welcome to the city, bud. I've always wanted to go to Austin.
  3. Thank you! Yep, you should. No one has ever regretted it ;)
  4. Ahhh shoot.
    I've never been there, but a few people I know go to school over there and party it up. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone that could help you. Honestly, everyone I know that went to school in CS was pretty "straight laced", they just drank a shit ton.
    That really sucks though, I hope you find someone soon!
  5. I live in Austin Texas. We will probably never meet.. better that way because I'm lame..
  6. Your location alone gives you some points, so there's that. Also what you said was kind of funny.
  7. I just joined. I live in Austin by cedar park!
  8. I just moved to the Austin area I actually live between Austin and cedar park I am loving it so far.
  9. That's funny. What a big forum and a huge state, and we could be shopping at the same HEB.
  10. Wouldn't that be a trip?
    It's amazing how many people you don't know that smoke
  11. I know it seems like every day I meet someone else who does. I have met very few people so far here in Texas that do but Hell maybe I am hanging out at the wrong places. I been to so many heb recently I bet we have walked the same stores at some point its quite funny. But then again apparently 60% of the US is for legalizing and over half that number smokes regularly.
  12. What's up guys, i'm from Cali and i'm new to this (idk if i'm even posting in this in right place).

    <3 I bake
  13. *cough* copp *coughh*

    anyways, welcome to the forums!
    happy shmokin!

  14. Hahahaha.. Weird. Never thought about it...:eek: sneaky pants.

  15. So you moved here from Colorado, I'm guessing?? That's crazy that you live in the hill country lakes area though, it's not really a big place!

  16. haha not sayin its def a cop, but i wouldnt risk it, he had 2 posts when he asked, and it was just a shady question overall.

    but np haha
  17. eh i live a bit south of the hill country lakes. i am only about 20 minutes north of austin give or take traffic.
  18. Just joined up, too. I'm in Leander, TX. I honestly hardly ever smoke anymore. I travel so much for work I only ever get to once or twice a year. I can't say I'm no in love with it though. I still think about it constantly...

    Love cycling though if anyone ever wants to hook up for a ride.

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