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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RunFromCops1337, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. haha, i put this in the wrong spot on the forum at first, my bad

    How y'all doin? Just introducin myself here and all that good stuff and i also ahve a question.

    When you buy from this site, do the packages that come ups/mail whatever come discrete? Like do the packages say "GRASSCITY.COM" all over them, or is it a nice discrete package with like no stickers that could indicate whats inside. Cuz my mum is like 80 and if she was to ever see me getting something like that (its for my brother) she would have a heart attack. Thanks for the info.

    oh, and would if i was to order with cash, would i send the money back in a diff envelope with stamps and all? or send it back in the same package?

    :cool: cheers
  2. Welcome to the city man. If you take a look at this thread you'll see the packaging. If you actually read through the thread people ask various questions about billing statements and such. All of your questions should be answered here. :wave:


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