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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by oganic-4ever, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Hi you all, I have signed up to your forum in hopes to find some more open minded people. I am a member of another really great forum, but they are all very sure ofthemselves and their methods of gardening. It seems all they care about is yeild and well yeild. I am into this hobby because i am a self proclaimed medicinal user and have love for the plant and the diversity it brings to the world. I am a firm beliver in Organic nutes and constantly get shit from members of the other forum for my beliefs in nature and the love for the organic methods. I do not harass the hydro growers, i like to play with a drip-bubbler every here and again. I just love my dirt!!! I am hoping that there are at least some open minded folks around here or maybe even some like minded folks :) I currently grow under 2 400 watt MH lights one in flower and one in veg. I grow Hawian Indica, SK1, a bubblegum/blueberry cross and a couple of my own fun strains. try to harvest about 10 ozs a month for me and a few other special folks. That is about it, i am looking forward to learning with you all and hopefully i can show a few of you some new trix as well!!!! Peace.
  2. l grow hydro in coco fibre these days.:D.We have a lot of different growers here ,l,am sure you will find others like yourself...l see some of your advise in the forums already ,looks good :D..l hope ya,all enjoy your time here .[​IMG]
  3. Welcome to the city :)
  4. Welcome to stonerville... Stay stoned!!!
  5. yep..I noticed ya in the grow forums already aswel..:) welcome the the city
  6. Welcome to your new home, lol. Enjoy it here!
  7. I must say that you all in this thread are very warm and nice, however, it seems once again that there are some mods here who due to a MOD after their SN think their shit does not stink, i will prolly just be moving on. Nice to meet a few good people but i think i will go find somewhere where the word fuck is not used so regularly, i am not in this to get rich or gain acceptance, i have been doing this for over ten years and am past pissing contests with child like MODs. Best wishes to all of you in this thread and in this area of the forums. You are all great!!!! If any of you are really serious about cutting edge new grow info get me on yahoo and we will paint the world green!!!!!!
  8. My shit stinks, im quite sure of it..:)

    What mod are you having problems with? You seem like a decent enough person to me, not to mention a decent grower aswell. Wouldn't want to lose you over something stupid. PM me if you want, im suer whatever it is can be worked out. If not, then goodbye to you, and happy growing wherever you might go!
  9. i do not want to point fingers, i think after the fact, i will not let this person ruin my experience here, it is only one d00d after all, i will just try and avoid his posts i guess, i will stay out of the ghetto. hint hint lol Everyone else here outrules his childishness. :)
  10. Ah I know who you're talking about..I've always found him to be a respectable person..but hey your opinion is your opinion..glad to hear your staying.
  11. i guess we hit it off wrong as this happens from time to time. I made a remark about getting ripped off in the ghetto, and that is what made me start growing my own 12 years ago. He took it a little to personal for someone who knows nothing about me. I grew up in East St. Louis, the real deal, he had/has no clue to that, perhaps i should have been more specific in my post??????
  12. Perphaps:) I think its all good though, i think if you PM shade explaining the situation and such, he'll be cool about it. Better to make peace with someone than ignore them, I say.
  13. HIGH All, I'm glad your staying.....have have nothing against Organic, I use it every now and then. I use Fox Farms Grow Big 12/7/7 and Big Bloom 0.01-0.3-0.7 it's All 100% Natural and Organic. Me I'm into Bubble Buckets useing Nutrilife as a fert...it's not Organic, but hey I like it.

    Welcome to The City and we hope you are here for a while.

    P.S. oh ya I love the READ, READ, READ it's something no one does....it should be the first thing done and then ask questions.
  14. Welcome to the city friend. I think you will fit right in. There is lots of knowledge within these forums. :)


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