Hello all!

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    Hello all,

    For my time on Grasscity my name will be Charlie. I am a new grower and am very excited to be here. Over the past couple of years I have become sicker and sicker of searching for actual "Quality" bud, and avoiding shady drug dealers. So over the past few months I have been doing extensive research on marijuana and home cultivation. With the knowledge I have obtained, and with the ease of access to materials and local shops here we go!

    My main goal is to produce high quality, cost-effective bud in a 2 month cycling harvest for myself and to gift to mates.

    My plan: I have a roughly 10 x 16 room which will be sectioned into into 2* 10 x 8 rooms which will house 6-8 plants each. I will use 5 gallon buckets with coco-coir perlite mix. GH 3 part nutes + cal-mag. This will veg for 2 months and flower for 2 veg= 1x 1000w MH flower 1000w HPS. I also have a secondary room which is about 10 x 9 that I plan on putting 6 Northern lights Autos in 3 or 4 gallon buckets with the same medium under alternately 1 1000w MH to 1 1000w HPS.

    FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED: I plan to do a journal of this grow but absolutely any feedback or tip/tricks/advice is welcomed as I really only have ideas and will learn by doing. So if it sounds like a good plan or shite, let me know, and thanks for reading about me and why I am here.

    PS what would average yield on a setup like this be??

    Cheers, CharlieB

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