hello all.i was just wondering.

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  1. hello all im new to this forums.and was just wondering how safe is it to grab seeds here and what are some of your favorites..i live in hawaii and i wanted to buy some seeds of quality.so i figure to order some online.but im kind of scared with the whole shipping and all that.please let me know what you think.thanks.
  2. i've ordered twice from gypsy nirvana and three times from drchronic with no problems at all. some have said that you should avoid shops in canada because the US has it's foot up canada's ass. they crossed the border to put marc emory on trial! how illegal is that? i heard they siezed his records too. these days, every canadian shop ad i've seen says the won't ship to the US. do get 2nd and 3rd opinions on that though.

    my experiences with the UK have all been fine and most people here speak well of gypsy and doc.

    from what everyone here says, the worst thing that could happen is that you don't recieve your seeds because they get siezed (which you'll get a letter for... that's all) or someone from a postal worker to a neighbor snags them.

    i've yet to hear of anyone going to jail or losing their house ordering seeds.

    my biggest issue is sending money through the mail. most of the complaints i've seen have been people who did that. some say it's safer, but i don't agree. your order then passes between you and a dozen hands before it gets to the shop while a CC order is between just you, your bank and the seedbank.

    some say "oh it's a big risk... what if the feds go into your files"... huh? if they don't do anything when they have actual physical evidence when they sieze seeds, what are they going to do with a paper trail?

    i prefer CC ordering. it's at least a week faster too.

    BTW... you live on the islands? oh i'm so jealous! that's a perfect place to grow "real deal" sativas (read massive IBLs like thai, lien huanh & malawi gold) you just can't do those indoors.

  3. Grasscity doesn't ship seeds to the US, so if you're in Hawaii don't order from here. :)
  4. thanks poker.but yeah i live on oahu.had a lil indoor thing goin but i got a green thumbs up from my pops to grow on our bananna farm.so i figure that should be some good cover from the 5-0.

    thanks.i did not know that.got any sites that do ship US?

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