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  1. :confused:Hello. I have been studying all this for months now. I have bought books, videos, and browsed forums online. Please answer this for me. I am going to have an 8x8 growroom for flowering. I would likr to use a 24 plants bio-bucket system. My plan was to get 4-600 Watt Hps Lights. I have seen this type of room done with 2-1000 Watters. Which would be my best option here? Thank you so much......
  2. Go with the HPS more Joules...Make sure you seal off a room that size. You dont want the neighbors wondering why one room in your house is as bright as the sun 24/7
  3. I dont understand exactly what you are sayin man...lol...
  4. 4 600's is only 37.5 watts/per sq ft.. I think you should be shooting for around 50 watts/per sq ft.
  5. Your best option is the 600's.
    You'll get deeper penetration, because as opposed to the 1k's, you can get the 600's closer to the canopy.

    Maybe try to cut the room down to a 6x6.
    It's not critical though, in an 8x8 w/ 4 600's and the right reflectors, you'll still have an obscene harvest,:D ..provided everything else is on point.
  6. indoor beach? :p

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