Helllllp My Cat Took A Shit In My Pot!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bigbud_growah, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I woke up this morning to be sadden by a plant that was half way leant over... my cat dug about a half a foot into the soil and laid a fat shit inside the pot.... the leaves are still green and it doesnt look that bad YET!!!! i wanted to know if there is anything you guys know i can do to save my poor girl..... HELLLLPPP ME PLEASE.... i was thinking maybe a lil superthrive and some good lovin and maybe juss maybe she will pull thru.. THANKS FELLOW POT HEADS!!!!!
  2. wash off the soil and put in new stuff
  3. find your cats pot and take a retaliation dump in it. show that fucker who is the boss
  4. shoot your stupid cat

  5. I like it :D

    If he pissed in it your going to get a bad fert burn ;)
  6. man cat shit isnt usually runny or anything so yeah take it out n flush it good ... diluted urine acts as a fertizer not that i would recommend it but yeah concetrated piss directly on the roots aint good.... use some superthrive for stress n its high in vitamin B... also i would seize the opportunity to make a cat-skin hat and be a trend setter at the same time :)
  7. getting rid of your freakin cat! :mad:
  8. Man my cat chewed the tops off 4 of my clones I had just planted.It was a week ago and they have come back strong luckily.My old cat used to do the same thing bro she used to dig a hole and take a fat shit in my plants.My first thought was choke the fuck out of her and shove her face all the way through the dirt to the bottom of the bucket but it's not the cats fault.They don't know any better and one place to dig a hole and take a shit is just as good as any other to them.You just gotta come up with a way to keep them out of there and still have ventilation.I went to home depot and bought a roll of chicken wire and stapled it over the doorway then cut out a door in it with little homemade hinges made out of wire so i can easily get in and out and the cat is kept out.They love the fresh new leaves just as much as they like plain old lawn grass and probably more the second time after getting baked the 1st time! Don't blame the kitty man! Just fix it so he can't do it again.:smoke:

    As far as washing the dirt I wouldn't even bother unless its a really runny shit.Just make sure you get it all out and flush it with a good watering.I didn't have any trouble from the shit when my cat did it The plants grew just fine.

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