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  1. hi, how are yas all? just sayin hi, im canadian and thinking of growing my own!, and i'd say more but there is too many restrictions on that :( oh well, slater :)
  2. where in canada u be?
  3. prince edward island, where u from?
  4. alberta red deer to be presice
  5. ah i c very nice, kinda far eh?

  6. thats neat. i'm from nova scotia, but i've been living in saskatchewan for the last year.
  7. i am from surrey bc lol i noe i noe we got a bad rep but the weed is killer and well we like to have fun. surrey girls kick ass
  8. Hi, welcome to THE site!
  9. never heard of a bad rep for surrey! whats that about?
  10. u have never heard of surrey girls lol last year i went to toronto to visit some friends and some guy asked me where i was from. i was like o i'm from surrey bc. lol the next thing i new he was telling me all these stories and jokes he had heard about surrey girls. ex how do you wake up a surrey girl in the morning? you open the car door. hehehe those sluts jk
  11. LMAO well anyways, now i know! and are surrey girls all blond then??
  12. no lol were not all blonde. I am but yeah i wasn't born her so i'm not a true surrey girl lol if you were born in surrey you'd have a rep for the rest of ur life lol. poor girls. hehe

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