hehe(kinda unrealistic but hey!:D)

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by 420ismybday, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Three man board a plane. Each one brought an item with them. One man brought a rock, the next man brought a knife, and the last man brought a bomb.

    So the plane takes off and during the flight the men get bored. So the decide to throw their items out of the plane and see what happens. So they each throw their items down and land to go see what happens.

    They start walkin down the first block and see a kid crying, they ask, "What's wrong?"
    "My dad was hit by a rock.."
    Big Deal? They continue to walk down the block and they come up to another child crying, so they ask,"What's wrong?"
    "my dad was killed by a flying knife"
    Hmm,.... so they continue on more down the block and find a kid in front of a crater crying..
    "What's wrong ?"
    "My family and i were all eating dinner and then.. and then.. my daddy farted and the house blew up... "
  2. thats a classic.

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