Heavyweight Fast and Vast/ Afghan Kush Ryder 300w LED cabinet

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  1. Have a journal of this grow but it's hard to get people to notice in the journal section and I figured it'd be more appreciated in micro thread! Either way hopefully someone finds the journal and it helps someone!

    Cabinet is diy using sterlite storage cab. Light is 300w generic from TopLED (old version).

    Fast and vast is about 55-60 days from seed. It got light burnt by my hps and never grew. It's currently a 6 in tall xmas tree of one nug. Has fattened up and I'm expecting at least 3.5.

    Afghan Kush Ryder is about 2 weeks and is already bigger. Luscious green growth. Sitting in a 40/40/20 mix of soilless/perlite/ffof.

    If someone can tell me how to post pics in post that'd be awesome! :)

    Journal is in sig, feel free to check it out!

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  2. I love autoflowers :) hope you keep this updated
  3. Nothing I hate more than threads that get going and are never completed halfway through, in it for the long haul. Will be starting Humboldts Blue Dream Autoflower in a day or so. Really excited it looks like a good one from the limited journals I've seen. Thx for the comment!
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    what light pattern are you running and how close are your lights now?
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    Just a generic 300 watt from topled. I know they have a big following and a thread around here cause they're GC sponsors but it's still what I'd call generic. Specs are here : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/281201930734 not sure why the prices are in AU I'm in us. But anyway I'm new to LED but I do know it's red and blue spectrum. I've heard they're supposedly not the best for flowering but I figured I'd try and it can't hurt with autos.

    I was previously running a 150 watt HPS by sun system. Great light. Any idea which would give better results in flowering? I assume the LED since the 180 true watts are better than 150, but I wasn't sure if the girls would maybe like the HPS spectrum better.

    Seems like my stunted plant loves the LED and it has good penetration. I'll have to post a picture under the little sun leaves cause there's a couple more bud sights and they're not tiny in comparison to the midget of a plant lol

    As far as distance I'd say about 1 1/2 ft or so. Experienced no stretch with the Ryder seedling so I assume it's an alright distance. Kind of worried about the distance when the plant gets a lot taller. Will probably have to do some LST for sure.
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  6. Looking great so far man! I think you'll like that light from topled I'm looking at getting a Mars2 from Sarah :)

    I like the little Christmas tree bud lol , I think your grow will get some love here in the micro section

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    Haha thanks yeah it's about to be harvest time for the little gal in about a week. Definitley a lot more love in the micro section already!

    Mars2 is also on my list eventually, although I may be becoming a caregiver soon in which I may go with strictly 1000 watt HPS's but we shall see. Have a soft spot for the cabinet grows so I'll probably always do it just for hobby sake.

    Thanks for commenting!
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  8. I've officially moved the journal to this page since I'm getting some love from the micro growers here! Originally planned to start it here anyway.

    If you want to see the early construction of the cab or start of the Ryder grow, you can find it here:


    Otherwise I'll be updating almost daily here and I may throw the blue dream auto in this journal as well, we shall see!
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    Hello all,

    So I LST'd my Kush Ryder plant last night and I discovered it's hard to do when using smart pots! Usually when I lst I just tie off to the side of the pot but since it is fabric it is just bending it inwards and not giving me a strong tie. Way too much slack. I tried tying them to some stakes (Kobob sticks) and that didn't really help.

    Any advice on LST with smart pots? Will post pics later on.

    Edited with pics.. Also some pictures of the lil stunted xmas tree showing some of the lower bud growth. This growth is really covered by leafs but the amazing penetration of these LEDs does it good!

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  10. I think I may have asked already but how the heck do you put pictures in the actual body of text? Getting tired of attaching them at the end where they look upside down and then are stretched when opened lol.
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  11. You on the mobile app or website? For mobile app i think all you do is click the image after its uploaded when the cursor is in the place you want the photo. If that makes any sense... I'm high as hell lol

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  12. you have to use an image hosting site like www.photobucket.com
    register free and upload your pics, then use the image code
    button and copy + paste your direct image URL from the hosted site.
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  13. and on a side note, do people normally LST autoflowers? just curious. I've only
    grown a few but I just let them go at it without touching them much.
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    I'm on the website, I used to use the app when I was on GC back in the day and I remember not being a huge fan of the set up. I'll have to try it out again as I'm on an ipad a lot!

    That's what I figured, thanks a lot for the tip!

    Yeah it's pretty common and with my limited space it seems it may be a necessity. A few of the autos I have lined up like the blue dream auto and dinafems white widow seem to grow pretty dang big from what I see.

    Autos are stressed out too much by topping, fiimming, etc... Since their life cycles are much shorter they don't have the time to recover fast enough. LST however usually won't slow it down much unless you really bend the **** out of it or end up breaking a branch :)
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    Busy today!

    Stunted little fast and fast has been removed from grow cab and placed in darkness for at least 14 hours or so to make sure the chlorophyll and other nasties go down to the roots. Hoping for a little thc production too while she sleeps. Haven't watered in about 5 days or so.

    Will be pretty funny to see yield. She looks healthy though minus the normal pre harvest yellowing !

    Afghan Kush Ryder is getting a lot bigger. Slowed for a day or two after LST and them boomed after that. It's about 4 weeks so I will begin feeding it grow big since the cut FFOF is probably fading.

    Lots of bud sites starting and it's already starting to get stickier than the flowering lil gal.

    Also I germinated and planted my Blue Dream Auto from Humboldt. Will probably get a second journal going for that one as it's a fairly new strain and there's not a lot of info out there yet!

    Cheers! Pics of harvest tomorrow!

    PS Even though pics look sideways/upside down I'm thumbnail they ARE right side up ;)

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  16. Harvest day for my little xmas tree Fast and Vast. Harvesting about day 70.

    A little eulogy for my gal:

    Her growth was seriously retarded when she grew into my HPS as a seedling.

    At 6 in or so she stopped growing and focused on one little nug with two little side buds.

    After harvest she's 7.1 wet.

    Will be drying open air for the next couple days and then into a paper lunch sack.

    Will update with dry measurement haha :p

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  17. Lil guy is drying fast on day two. Will brown bag tomorrow for a day or two and then into the jars. Will probably have to sneak a lil nuggy though I can't help myself! ;)

    More pics of AKR soon, she's looking happy!
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    Stunted F and V shrunk from 7 g to 2.0 after drying. Possibly the smallest harvest ever?! Haha.

    Picked a lil nuggie off the fast and vast and must say even without the cure it's some pretty good stuff. 17-19 percent THC...I'm not too sure if that's accurate but it's definitely up there. Can slightly taste a metallic kind of taste which I think may be due to not flushing as lomg as I should of despite the fox farms trio being organic. It's not as bad as some bud I've tasted that's literally tasted like metal/blood! Just a slight hint which may go away when cured.

    Pics of the Kush when it wakes up. Thinking I'm going to switch back to my HPS and leave LED for seedlings and veg when I get my tent here soon. AKR is kind of small for almost 40 days..

    Humboldts Blue Dream Auto has been started, will start a journal for that soon.
  19. Nice dude!
    I grew some AKR under a 90w UFO a couple of years ago. It was some of the most fragrant, potent weed I have EVER smoked. I am sure you'll be satisfied.
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    Some manicured bud shots of the Fast and Vast. Will probably run this again one day and hopefully not stunt it ;) smoke is smooth and really potent. 17-19 percent THC Is claimed, not sure about that but it's super close!

    Also switched out my LED for HPS just to see how plants grow better/worse. Heat is actually down, don't let LED manufacturers fool you, watts are gonna put out a lot of energy either way and my temps are already better though the watt difference is +\\- 30 here.

    Also some shots of the Kush Ryder. Looking good but not as big as I'd hope. Still plenty of time.

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