Heavy Highs?

Discussion in 'General' started by loveisintheair, Nov 27, 2011.

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    For the passed few weeks I've been getting heavy highs... It feels like I'm really deep under water and my head becomes very tired / hurts.

    Any blades know the cause or how I can stop it?
  2. Smokin a different strain than usual? Maybe more indica than you're used to? Either that or maybe you're just mentally tired. Stressed? Lots of work or school?

  3. Not stressed, coming from all types of strains I've been smoking. The high just feels super heavy and makes me tired

  4. Try to switch dealers and find another strain? (Maybe all your current dealer has is Indica)

    I feel like the mood I set /am in at the time greatly effects my high. If you feel kinda sluggish, have some of your friends over, enjoy a beverage and hang out, go somewhere! -Instead of sitting around feeling slapped.

    On the other hand, try smoking a little less; maybe you're getting super high and are just overwhelmed haha

    good luck :smoke:
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