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Heavy Herb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by theduckbeast, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Today i got an ounce and it had a bud in it that weighed 0.9grams,

    I was wondering what other big buuds people have gotten before!!??

    The Duck. :hello:
  2. Thats not a big nug. I just made a half o pickup that was 2 nugs. One was 11.0 the other 3.0. I've had bigger still. 0.9, that sounds pretty small.

    Just toke it up :smoke:
  3. Oh sorry man i ment to say 9 grams not point nine. i wouldent mind seeing the 11 gram bud :rolleyes:

    The Duck.
  4. When my dealer used to pick up he'd show me the huge ass buds he'd come across (he knew my affection for marijuana quite well).

    He'd get buds damn near an Oz that we're as big as my fore arm. That shit made me drool.
  5. **creams pants**
  6. i really don't see the point of having 1 large bud, you know its going to have a thick ass stem going down the center. the last half O i picked up has no bud much larger then a gram, and not a single stem thicker then a strand of angle hair pasta.
  7. godthirdnut, you actually make a good point... I do like zips that are composed of a bunch of little nugs, less breaking up to do (or grinding, if you're properly equipt, unlike me), and more actual bud, and not stem or leafy matter.
  8. the biggest downside of big nugs is you end up paying for the huge stem in the middle.
  9. stems barely have any weight to them what so ever

    ive had a 7g bud but thats the biggest got it in my O
  10. the biggest nug i got was around 10-11, i've seen huge ones, and last year i had one on a plant that would have easily been a half ounce but the deer found it. damn stoner deer.
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  11. biggest ting ive held in my hand was an 8g nug of AK 47
  12. some dude here on gc showed us a picture...he had a 48 gram was BIG
  13. I understand what you mean there but i just love big buds their SO good.

    But then some of the best smoke i've had before have been small buds tho

    The Duck.
  14. i just bought a half that was just one nug, then the one i bought after that had a nug that was like 8.4
  15. Weigh a big stem when you get a chance. On a 7 gram nug, it'll weigh .1 gram. And I'd wager you get better quality with the big nugs, less leafage more substance etc.
  16. love the big nug thread
  17. One of my plants last year had a king bud that weighed 18.4 grams. She was very tasty.
  18. damn.. 18.4 is insane, I had an 11 gram nug before and it was quite beautiful :D

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