Heavy duty Powerbar and timer

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  1. So have a bit of a problem only one outlet, with one plug. SO I need to find a powerbar that can handle a timer(not sure if I need a heavy duty timer for a 400 watt), a 400 watt hps, a vortex fan, a fan, and another flourescent tube. ALL this on one powerbar and with a timer. Are there any heavy duty powerbars that you guys would suggest, and will a standard 20$ homedepot timer handle a 400 watt hps or do I need a heavy duty timer as well?

  2. This one has an 1875 watt capacity, but I think it's only 15 amps. Amazon.com: Aqualight Power Center - 1875W capacity: Home & Garden
  3. 400w isn't very much. at the very minimum anything should handle 450w. I got a few really cheap ones that are not even grounded and they are rated at 600 watt with just a single plug.
  4. I'm not so much concerned about the wattage but more so the amps, I've heard that all this can actually be too many amps for the line and cause a fire hazard.
  5. A 400 watt lamp has 3.3 amps running through it. A simple $5 power strip should do the job.

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