heaven and hell - the concept

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  1. hello there

    this is about the concept of heaven and hell. i dont know how people who are of christianity, islam or another belief which includes within heaven and hell unquestionably embrace the idea

    i myself am not totally atheist, i am not above the possibility of some kind of creator. i do not , however believe in the concept of a hell, and a heaven. even jesus, i think, was a schizophrenic man, or a clever guy

    hell is the place where people who sinned against god go. in this place all kinds of torture goes on. i think the reason fire is so commonly related to hell is because the worst feeling must be burning alive. in my opinion this is what happened. a person thought up the worst possible death, the worst possible feeling. nothing would compare to being burned to death, over and over, for all eternity.

    i think this was done for a specific religion to gain numbers. in ancient times people were gullable as i imagine. there were many unanswered questions like meteorology and stuff for which gods were created, you know that greek guy who controls the sea, et cetera. so if you told someone that if they commit a sin, or many sins that they would go to a place where they burned to death over and over, they would most likely believe it.

    then there is heaven. this is the best place to be ever. it's description varies. its up in the sky, clouds, angels, all that. or it could be 72 virgins with whom you do whatever you want. i think this is the reward, hell being the punishment. so hell keeps people faithful in fear of going there, then heaven motivates them to stay faithful, become more so, and convert others into their faith. this way it grows.

  2. Well you are pretty much spot on. Show me proof of heaven/hell, and I'll believe. Until then, I will sin and sin and sin again. :rolleyes:

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