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Heathyrips Fierce or ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dadab12, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hello.

    I'm new to vaping. I want to buy my first piece and I got some questions.

    I was initially dead set on a solo 2, but I just had come by this Fierce unit which looks excellent. I was just wondering if I should just wait for the Fierce instead?

    I will be smoking solo for therapeutic purposes with the occasional sharing here and there. Almost exclusively at home...I think.

    I'm interested in long sessions and with the occasional puff here and there during the day. I care about efficiency a lot (in terms of extraction efficiency and the most important thing, I want it to not waste my weed).

    Convection unit appeals to me (Is Solo 2 a hybrid..or?), but I don't want to be taking 1-2 hits and get stoned(Ghost MV1); I want to experience a long session,chil land enjoy the vape.

    I would have bought both units, but since I live in Israel it becomes a very expensive business. I got a quote from an international store for 250$ with shipping/tax included.(Here in Israel they sell the Solo 2 for 350$). Btw, buying from ebay is legit? or are there counterfeit risks?

    If you got any other recommendations I'm all fucking ears. Are there any upcoming units coming out soon as well?

    Thanks alot!

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