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  1. it's now summer. blistering hot, beach sand burn your feet kind of weather.

    now my question is to anyone who has the secret to keeping cool without an air conditioner. is there something you can do in your house to keep cool? should windows be open? closed? i've got a couple fans, where should they be? my house is fairly small and there are two floors. anyone with any input, maybe some proven measures, the help would really save me, all summer long...
  2. Windows should be open. Put the fans where you are the most and point them upward. There really isn't anything you can do much to keep cool without an AC I don't think. Good luck.
  3. I just stay in the basement...it's nice and cool down here and it's also my computer room :D
  4. I told my oldest son how to make a cheap AC today..

    Get you some gallon jugs........fill them with water..........and freeze.

    Set them in front of your fans with the air pointed at you......... instant AC for the hottest part of the day.. Refreeze for tommorrow!
  5. One more thing.. Dry Ice will work better and last longer!
  6. :eek: Wow, Smartness!
  7. For best results: turn on all 3 fans. Position them all pointing at you. About 3 feet away from you is best. And.. well, yeah that's it.
  8. hi all well I hope so

    I just want to add a different point its 1:05pm GMT
    its gray very grey raining windy not hot at all and you lot are all going on about it being to hot you sould try living in england where it is never hot!

    mr mashed

    (not all britains moan about the weather onest)

  9. its too hot in england where you been? but its a nice temp today ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  10. and will do wonders for your budding plants :D

    i got no problems with it being too hot where i am. i crave warmth more than anything... damn my northness. :p

  11. i was down in cornwall catching some waves on tuesday and it was way to hot down there.
  12. stop bitching........get outside..... and enjoy the summer.....or save $100 and buy a cheap a/c....;)
  13. or go sit under a brigde it always seems cool under a bridge
  14. go for a drive with the windows down. I love driving and the airflow helps keep you kinda cool. If you still get too hot go get some ice water or recharge your car with r-134a.
  15. take a cold shower, then walk around in the fans all wet, youll be huge cold (but only for a little bit, then youll just be dry)

    when it used to get too hot around here, id grab beers out of the fridge and sleep with the unopened bottles in my bed, kept my real cool. hahaha, but i probably looked like a raging alcoholic :D
  16. I'm with inferiorwang... go for a long drive with the windows down and see if you can peg the speedometer...
  17. dude, open your windows at night when it gets cooler outside than it is inside, then in the morning close 'em when it gets hotter outside than it is in.
  18. that sounds pretty good threeoftwelve. I tried the ice in front of the fan thing and it doesn't work too great. So far out of everything i've tried taking a cold shower is the shiznit, but you've gotta take like 4 or 5 a day. im gonna go garage saling and see what i can't do for a decent second hand ac, you can get a brand new 5000 btu for like 150 so i think i should be able to figure somethin out

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