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  1. So i have a 2.7x2.7x5 tent and was wondering about my options on 400 or 600 hps light. WIth a 400 would i need to worry bout cooling the light down or should i just go with 600 n worry bout it ? either way do i have it possible to not have to cool the light down with this size of tent ? any help? :hello:
  2. Some of it will depend on the temperature of the area the tent is located in, however typically you will have to cool your tent or your light.
  3. Your gonna have temp issues with that size tent and hps.
  4. What are your temps now?

    The cool tube CAN keep your space low on temps depending on your

    1.temps outside the room

    2.fan cfm

    3. And how good of a cool tube, ive heard cheap makes not work as well as other slightly more expensive brands.

    I had a friend with a similar setup as you who just got an internal reflector bulb that improved temps very well.

  5. I havent setup my grow yettt. I'm debating on whether to get 600 or 400 for my size and with still manageable temps. got the nice cali weather always like 70
  6. Go with the 400 and a cool tube. You should be fine. You have a small tent save a 600 for when you have more room. Plus from 70 a 600 would easy get up to 85 or so. A 400 I imagine would be under 80.
  7. Go with 400 and cool tube like the guy above me said. I have a cabinet I grow in and with a 400 cfm fan and the cool tube temps stay right at 72-75 never higher.

  8. Sounds like a good plan.
  9. The blades have spoken OP.
  10. thank you guys! that sounds like a plan..! but now with heat n filtering the air!!!!! ummmmm would my setup be Carbon scrubber-->cooltube>fan>outside ? I know the air suppose to be cooling the cool tube but what about if i just pull hot air from carbon scrubber through cool tube from inside?
    And a q's about this fan. i was thinking of a 200 cfm is that gonna keep the temps down or do i need a 400cfm fan because sleepn next to a 400 in my mind would be a little too loud?

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