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  1. With winter leaving and spring/summer on its way, i wanted to ask a few questions to those of you who got some answers!

    What is a good idea of "too hot" for the room to be for plant survivial or before it starts to loose its optimization of its surroundings. Im doing a closet grow indoors on the 2nd floor, there is an attic above me, however it still gets damn hot in there in the summer.

    for security reasons, and practical reasons i cannot leave my closet door open, but i do have air conditioning (window mounted, unfortunately my house is too old for central air) which is making me start to get ideas to prepare now before my plants are bubbling and boiling come 2 months from now.

    any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    i ahve a 150W HPS and about 250W of CLF going on in there..plus fan.

    I am about to however (work at home) to open the door for hours on end if needed, and would that be a goood enough solution for the heat? or maybe just try to keep lights on at night when the summertime temps drop. Im off the northeast coast so humidity is high and temps can hit above 100 F

    Dont want to have a "OH FUCK" moment, i wanna be prepared, doomsday preppers prepared! ahhaha :D

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