heat stress or nute burn?

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  1. i dropped my ppm about 50 when I first noticed this, because I knew it was a litlte bit higher than my normal methodology. I want to say some side tips of the first 2 fan leaves have gotten a bit yellow though over the last 12 hrs so maybe some more fresh water.

    just wanted to confirm, this is nute burn and not heat stress? the tips that look yellow are definately curling down a bit too.



    this also began about a day or two after i began foliar feeding.. and ill be honest I am doing it more than twice a day.
  2. Can be both. If your bulb wasnt that close to the plant, it's a nute problem.
  3. nute burn indeed. if this was heat stress, the leave would be folding up like tacos. and imo stop foliar feeding.
  4. if all the new growth is looking okay and those 2 leaves are not getting significantly worse after 24+ hours of me first noticing it, is it safe to say me dropping that 50 ppm initially was enough?

    will drop the foliar feeding down to once a day. was nice to have something to do with them though other than test ph and spin them hehe.
  5. lol i feel you but sometimes its just best to leave them be and let them do their thing like they would in nature. i think you took the right steps to fixing the problem. just gradually increase the ppm as things look better. also, i would just mist them with water once a day (no nutes) if you want to do that but stop spraying them all together once you flip to 12/12.
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    using a quarter teaspoon of 'spray-n-grow' mixed into a 4 oz spritzer. but like i said I know i was spraying them essentially every time I was testing ph. And I kept thinking to myself it could be bad while I was doing it... it's just me being impatient for my investment to return haha. sick of dealing with dealers...

    yeah I don't plan on foliar feeding during flower. they're blue himalaya autoflowers. also knowing they will be going to flower mode in about 2 week if I am ready or not.. trying to flex their muscles a bit with the spray has prolly slowed them down a bit heh.
  7. just threw a cup of fresh RO water in, waited a few minutes, extracted a cup of water from the soup and re-ph balanced. if i see it get worse as the day progresses I'll refresh the soup entirely.

    promising myself i'll only spray once every 24 hrs now. I Ph balanced my first batch of foliar spray and emailed the company i bought my hydro 'kit' from asking if that was necessary and they said not to overthink it... now i'm overthinking the fact that i did not ph balance the 2nd batch haha. adding that quarter teaspoon of spray-n-grow drops it down into the 4's ph-wise.
  8. refreshed the res, not convinced i have the problem resolved.

    fresh ro water fertilized to 160ppm then ph'd down to 5.6/5.7. will take pics before bed in about 11 hrs. have not foliar sprayed again and will not until tomorrow... any comments on ph balancing foliar spray?
  9. doesn't look any worse. heading out to see a movie with the wife, will post pics afterwards. today is day 10 for my oldest and day 8 for the other since the seedlings broke ground. I should be seeing the sex in a few days, right?
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    cant tell if its just getting bigger and there's damage from an earlier problem or if the problem is getting worse.

    24 hrs ago: http://www.anarchs.com/val/micro/YellowTip1.JPG


    tonight: http://www.anarchs.com/val/micro/YTD2_1.JPG




    will take more pics in the morning and see if its getting worse. have not done any additional foliar feeding, so if this is nute burn it's purely from the resevoir. it's at 200ppm right now INCLUDING ph down. i put roughly 150ppm of nutes into it. this should be perfect considering the plants are 1-2 inches tall. both would be 2 inches tall if the one lagging behind didnt have it's tap root come out going up and then have to spiral down.

    last pic is of the roots because they're not snow white anymore. there's a yellowish tint to a good portion of them. not sure if that's normal. first grow.

    no one has answered me on this thread or another if i'm supposed to be dumping a cup of res water onto my grow medium every day or a couple times a day to flush out any excretions that the roots could be producing in the grow medium.
  11. all new growth looks good. I'm 95% sure this nute burn was caused 100% by me foliar spraying everytime I looked at them. Staying strong at once every 24 hrs now. then maybe ill do one of them twice a day and leave the other to 1x24hrs and see the difference.
  12. bro relax.....your gonna rush this one right inta the grave...why are you foliar feeding and runnin' hydro..am i gettin' this right:confused_2:go easy on everything..i see this all the time if blades only run a couple plants...ya dont have ta do something to the plant every time ya see it...just let the plant get its legs under it:smoke:good luck...burn is from nutes collectin' on edges after you spray them...leaf tips look to be a different small nute burn..what ppm ya runnin'...and what nutes in res
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    200ppm currently as they're about 2 inches tall from RO water that starts at 10 with this fert in the res:


    this is what i'm using for foliar:


    this is the stuff that came with my kit that I hoped would be idiot proof. been following instructions that came with the dvd. most likely will try a seperate veg & bloom nute kit from fox farms or something next time around or as soon as I move from apartment to house and have an entire closet for this.

    yeah I was worried when I dropped the water level to an inch+ below the net pot that it was too dry on top and was over spraying. no further nute dmg since going to just a couple spritz's each plant and only once every 24 hrs. I've read that I should be flushing my growth medium everytime I refresh my resevoir water with some ph balanced RO water to flush out any buildup from root excretions. doing this instead of over spraying will be good :)

    will post some more pics when I get back from dinner but all new growth looks good. I should not expect the plant to 'repair' the initial nute burn, right?
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    the coloring on the roots has become worse. they are very green. the water is crystal clear... this is algae i guess? I have no idea where this is coming from. there's no light getting into my res. wish someone mentioned it 24 hrs ago when i posted those pics as h2o2 may have saved those roots. what im reading says I should clip the green roots... which is like almost everything.... hahaha


    gonna sleep on this and look into cutting roots in the morning I guess.. everything has been looking good growth-wise on top since I slowed the foliar spray but I imagine this will get worse and worse and kill the plant.

    about 36 hours ago the ph started to drop in the res for the first time. up until this point it's always been rising and i've been adding ph down. I wonder if this is a sign of the algae first starting? have been adding fresh RO water and small traces of nutes to balance it last 36 hrs
  15. Green roots are from light exposure.
  16. can light exposure over a small amount of time lead to a small amount of algae that will grow with no light exposure?

    i started this 2 weeks ago algae has only been a problem for the past 2 days... i don't understand what has changed for this to happen.

    the only thing I can imagine is the time that I replace my res water, i will put the lid of my res with the net pots sitting with in onto another tupperware container that is empty, temporarily. and then after i flush my res out with h2o2 and fill it with fresh RO water, balance the nutes and PH, i put it back.

    what am i doing wrong? I am about to contact the retailer I purchased this pc planter kit from for a refund because I'm fairly upset about this and assume this is death for my 2 plants. they advertise the resevoir lid is light-proof and the rest of it except the bottom was covered in mylar. I can't imagine light getting in from the bottom? I covered the bottom with black duct tape about 10 minutes ago but am very demoralized at this point.

    I don't know if i just need to flush my roots/medium with h2o2 or cut the roots off.
  17. okay i cleaned the resevoir, airstones, and some tubing out with h2o2, took some RO water, made it 30% h2o2, let the roots sit in it for a few seconds, ran it through the medium/flushed out the netpot. I then ran some plain RO water through the roots/medium/netpot and replaced the water in the res.

    i still have no idea how this happened after 2+ weeks of running without algae issues (and generally higher water levels) until this point. stresses me out pretty badly though hehe.
  18. What is the temperature of your water?
  19. i do not have a waterproof themometer for the res unfortunately. can you tell me if I have to cut the roots that are green off or is flushing with h2o2 enough?
  20. the only thing i can imagine is if the hydroton has shiften in the netpot to allow light through. nothing else makes sense...

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