Heat Stress? Need Help!!

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  1. Alrights so my plant is on its 15th day flowering from seed im using 2 42w cfls at the time i was gone over the weekend and when i got back she was bone dry and all the leaves are kinda crispy like and are curling down and twisting i have been giving her a lot of water but it doesnt seem like she is recovering not sure if it is heat stress or if she os still in recovery i have pics of the plant on the last page of my grow in my sig
  2. if it dont look good in a week el tosso or you will wast time and money flush with a balanced nutrient and temp and wait it should bounce back bring rh to 45%
  3. Im not using any nutes yet and what is rh
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    RH is relative humidity.

    what is the temprature of your room? do you have adequate ventilation? all of the air in your room is supposed to be sucked out and replaced with fresh air every 5 seconds.

    what soil did you use? or are you doing hydroponics?

    what is the pH of the water you put in? what is the pH of the runoff water, if using soil?

    edit: just checked your journal. miracle grow soils, fertilizers, and everything suck. that is where your problem lies. almost all Miracle Gro nutrients aren't suitable for MJ growth.
  5. Im not using the MG im using some soil that comes in a paddy then you wet it and it expands do you think i should mabey transplant it into a bigger pot or wait till it recovers and im not sure on the ph im using water out of my fridge it goes though a filter and the temp. of my house is a high of 76 on hot days and a low of 70-74 and i have a giant passive intake and passive intake holes 2 pc exhaust and a pc fan hanging down blowing on the plant

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