Heat Stress, 35% dead

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sinori007, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. Damn, about 35% of my sole living plant is dead due to heat/fert burn. I dont' have a digi cam so if there are any growers reading this, bear with me and help me grow some bud! I have been using a 1000 watt MH for like 2 months. I've seen many of my plants die (7) but luckily a skunk #1 has survived for sometime now, until..... I checked today. It's burnt, withered, and seemingly weak. It's about 8~9 inches tall and already FIMED. It burned pretty badly but I think it can still make it if I got the right tips etc so what shall I do? Should I just flower it and try to get what I can get out of it? Should I kick back on the lights and let it grow in some darkness to revive again? Should I just harvest the vegging plant right now and just make some tea? Shit, I am sooooo pissed and I need some serious HELP!!! Please reply guys and help out a crying grower. Thanx in advanced.
  2. note: i think this will get better responses in the grow forum, try not to double post.

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