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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by storm38, May 23, 2002.

  1. well i have shortened my exhaust hose to less than 8' i have installed 2 more fans, i have added a fresh air intake from outside and still am unable to control the heat, i open the grow room doors when the lights are on this helped a little but if the temp outside reaches 10c my room will just continue to heat up it has gotten as hot as 96f this past week i have been able to keep it generally between 82-86 f what more can i do, i know i could increase the exhaust fans but right now money is a major issue, any help hints suggestions greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  2. i do run my lights at night.... if 82-86 f is ok then i am alright, just read that temps shouldn't exceed 76f so was quite concerned. i do have fresh air being pumped in 24/7, plus 2 exhaust fans 1 oscillating fan and a 4" square cooling fan... my plants are not wilting or looking stressed so i will be satisfied for now with what i have thanks again for the advice
  3. i think i have solved my heat problem.. in the veg room i now have a 120cfm exhaust fan , a fresh air intake, and an oscillating fan, temp has remained consistently 82 f in the flowering room i now have 2- 50cfm exhaust fans, 1 4" square cooling fand with a direct fresh air intake, heat has maintained between 78-84f it was a warm weekend so i think it tested out welll... thanks again for all the advice....
  4. Congrats storm38 on your ventilation! It sounds like you have a perfect environment now. Keep us posted on the results.
  5. Nice job getting the temps down....I often have temps/humidity in veg mode,, between 80-90 deg...85 mostly...as woody said ..good airflow is the key.....good luck...have fun

  6. the temp. has risen as high as 90f but didn't last more than a couple hours, there was no wilting or apparent stress, but all in all i am happy with this.... for now ever onward ever upward
  7. Hope it keeps working out...grow well..keep us posted.


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