Heat-safe Glue?

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  1. I broke the mouthpiece off my bubbler, it's a fairly clean break and I want to glue it back on. What type of glue will work the best and not give off fumes? It's only in contact with smoke cooled by water but it is still fairly hot being that it's just a bubbler. Amazon links would be awesome!
  2. High heat apostle / epoxy. Sold at any automotive parts store or hardware store. Typically it comes in two tubes. Mix equal parts of both per the directions and use it just like glue. As long as it is high heat then it won't fume on you. Read the package to make sure it states just that.

    Epoxy is fucking strong. Far far stronger then the thing you'll be glueing together. We glued a big as metal communication rack to a wall using epoxy because it was a medical facility and the walls are full of all kinds of expensive shielding. It is still on that wall more then 10 years later. I drive by it a couple times a week and see it still hanging on the wall back there.

    I used high heat epoxy to repair a few things actually and one of the old bongs from back in the day is still around because of it.
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  3. Buy a new one. Smell the epoxy before you glue it and see if its something you want to breath in.
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  4. !!!
  5. !!!!
    Wheres the video bro?
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  6. i would've but forum rules prohibits glue sniffer vids ;)
  7. Super glue works well on glass too. Just follow the instructions with any glue you use.

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