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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by binghi, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. i have a likkle heat problem, just want to make sure i dont harm my buds. right now i have a scrog setup in a room 3w by 3d by 5h, with 4 sativas now going into flowering for the 4th day, a 250w hps light, 3 pc intake fans which are doing their jobs, 1 8" table fan and a hole at the top of the room about 5" by 3" just to let hot air go out, i also am going to make use of this hole when i buy my new 6" exhaust fan. when the light is on the temp rises to about 87C and drops to about 80C when it turns off. my plants don't seem to be affected by the heat or anything except for the tips of certain leaves turn brown from he hot air blowing on them.
    what can i do to keep my room cool while i wait on my exhaust fan, or am i safe at 87C until i get it?
  2. The only way of them surviving at those temps is to use co2...seemingly some plants can go as high as 90 with co2....i wouldn't like to test that theory though....you said you're room was 5 foot high......how big were the sativas when you triggered flowering??....bearing in mind they'll triple in size....i triggerd one at 2.5 feet and it finished at 7foot6.....Peace out....Sid
  3. see edited below... i apologize.
  4. how about some flex duct with a fan situated in it, attached through the light housing to suck the hot air directly off the light and out that hole you speak of? then perhaps a filter could be incorporated to control scent.... might this work? i do not know, never tried it.

    take care. and a have a very successful grow, aye?

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