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Heat lamp?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by timmy, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. its gonna be winter and i am growing somwhere without heat thats inside. could i buy a heat lamp and shine that on the plants or would that not be good for them?> i already have grow lights and i am getting more. i am only talking about keeping them warm.
    thanks guys!
  2. I have read that temperature among many other factors, can lead to the production of more females... Colder usually gives mroe females I read. I'm not sure how cold, or even how cold to make the grow before they actually die, but all I know is colder is better for girls.. And it was a pretty reliable source. A mod of og.com
  3. i wouldnt use a heatlamp on my plant. its sooooo not the light u need on it.
  4. You need to heat the room, not the plants. Get a good, small volume space heater . . . one of those electric mini square box ones. You want the ambient (room) temperature to be fairly steady, thus the plants will remain around that temp as well.

  5. thanks man. it isnt very cold here but its gonna be a little bit on the colder side so hopfully i get all females! i have 5 seeds germinating right now and 13 more waiting
  6. Hello again Tim, a space heater is a good idea. However, electric heat is very dry and the humidity levels in your growspace will suffer greatly if you do not use some kind of humidifier. Its been my experience that the cold roots can devistate a crops yeild. A plant can handle low temps but the roots must be kept warm. In hydro this is easily accomplished by adding a fishtank heater to the res. but in soil you must maintain a constant ambient temp to keep them happy. I hope this helps a little. gm714
  7. aye good advice greenmonster...thx for help

    as for bringing the temperature down, and making it cold to get females..entirely untrue. the only sexuality you will promote by makeing your plant uncomfortable is hermie..so avoid it..hehe:)
  8. you know those vaporizer things that people with asthama use? that make steam. maybe i could use one of those???

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