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    so im growing some lowrider(3 plants) with 5x23w 55000k cfl's and having some heat issues...pushing 90degrees. yea i know HOT!

    here is an old pick of my cab when i did my first grow*(sorry for mg soil, im using ffof now.)

    i recently added another oscillating fan that blows a lot of air. on top of that i have still whats pictured below..
    so i have the two exhaust fans up top that suck hot air out.
    and a small fan closer to plants(bottom).

    how can i get my temp down to 80?

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  2. No pic.

    Do you have actual intake and exhaust or just blowing the air inside an enclosed box?

  3. Well, we have no pic so, it's tough to try and judge your set up, but from your description you don't have ANY intake??? Without a way to pull in fresh air, your just going to recirculate the hot air inside your box. Heat will be an issue this way, as well as CO2 to feed your girls.
    Good Luck! :smoking:
  4. pic is up.
  5. here are those exhaust fans in back..
    there like a turbo.

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  6. LOL! That helps!
    Well, first of all, I can tell you that with your intake SO HIGH, you're not going to get much fresh air DOWN to your plants. With the intake THAT HIGH, you're pulling in fresh air to your box, but evacuating that same fresh air through your exhaust.
    Open up a couple of holes at the bottom of the box and then check the temp.
    Let us know how it goes!
    Good Luck! :smoking:

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