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    I recently created a box from a dresser as a project.  I do not plan to grow yet, doing this for fun and instructional, but when I do will only be growing 1-2 plants.  This is a cheap box and don't want to spend a bunch to make it.  Inside measurements are 27"Wx37"Hx15"L.  I am using windshield sun reflectors as the backing and front cover as well as lining the bottom of the box.  The areas not being covered I have painted flat white.  I have 2x 5000k 23w cfls and 1x 2700k 23w cfls and I am using shop light reflectors (those round metal ones you can find at hardware stores) on the 5000k lights.  When I do start growing I will get bigger cfls.  I have 2 strong cp fans for exhaust attached directly to the upper-right back wall with passive intake in the front lower-left.  The lights are situated on the right side of the box under the the exhaust and the circulation fan is on left next to the intake pointing towards the lights.
    Now here is my problem.  I have a decent table top fan, measures about 10" across and does not oscillate, which without the reflectors on the lights works perfectly at keeping the temp at exactly 77'F where the plant would be, measuring about 4 inches down from the lights.  With the reflectors though the air hits them and causes the circulation along with the heat to flow downwards towards where the plant would be.  Even when only using 1 of the reflectors in different angles and positions the temps range from 82'-86'F where the plant would be.  I have tried pointing the fan in different directions but does not help.
    The only remedy for my heat issue while keeping the reflectors has been leaving my window open and letting the cold night air into the room which brings the temp inside the box below 80'F but this would not help during the day.  Any tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Sadly I do not have a way to get pictures.

  2. Put 2 pc fans for an exhaust and put a 3 rd one in for intake

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  3. I don't have an issue of getting air in or out of the box.  The box itself stays under 80'F.  Its under the lights that the temp is too high.  Im going to try putting a small pos fan directly under the lights to see if that helps.

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