Heat and Safety between a T5HO and a HPS system

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  1. I'm deciding between a T5HO and a HPS system and I'm leaning towards the T5 because I think it's safer and produces less heat. re the T5s safer in terms of fire hazard and reduced heat output than an HPS? My tent is small at 2' x 2' x 5'

    I'm deciding between the
    2' 6 bulb (24w) T5HO at HTG: High Tech Garden Supply

    and the
    HTG supply 250w HPS: High Tech Garden Supply

    I'm not super concerned about bud density and yield. I'm more concerned about safety and heat.

    Thanks :)
  2. hps will penetrate better then t5's
  3. i have both,

    i used the t5ho for veg and the hps for flowering.

    lets talk about safety and heat.

    heat first, the t5ho produces some heat, but it is FAR less then the HPS.

    safety, they are equally safe, both products are UL registered but if anything i'd say the HPS is marginally safer because it has a built in fuse, the t5 doesn't additinally the HPS has a remote ballast so you can keep it away from flammable stuff and so one, the t5 ballast is within the fixture.

    neither one of the units are likely to spontaneously combust as long as you keep them away from liquid and other flammable shit, you dont have your cords wrapped around and in a big mess etc.
  4. beachbum,

    Thanks! Do all HPSs come with a built in fuse?
  5. If the ballast doesn't come with a built in fuse, it probably wont have a ul certification.

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