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  1. any blades play hearthstone???

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    I do, i have only been able to get 5 packs of TGT so far but managed to get the 2 murloc pally class cards so im gonna be doin a murloc aggro pally should be interesting!

    I mean i got 2 copies of the same card theres only 1 murloc class pally card
  3. Why play hearthstone when magic the gathering exists?

  4. is that like Wizard 101? Or more like Clash of Clans?

    I've been out of touch since my nexus 5 died on me and I had to sell my galaxy tab 10.1 [​IMG]
  5. hearthstone is like world of Warcraft yoogio but even more simplified

  6. Which makes for balanced game play =)
  7. Despite HS being casual as fuck it is still fun.

    I used to play before they released expansions but it got dry as fuck and I simply haven't got back into it since.

    MTG isn't for everyone. The $$ investment alone can be quite scary.

  8. MTG is very well balanced.

    You don't need to sacrifice fun/awesomeness (complexity) for balance

    Hearthstone is like go fish, MTG is like Texas holdem

  9. you don't need to invest a lot of money to play MTG

    as newer sets get released they are making it easier to get powerful.cards.

    That is if you are a casual gamer of coarse.

    If you want to compete with the pros you need some money for individual cards (still not any more than any other hobby)

    Buying cards for your deck is probly cheaper than video games

  10. Hmm that's all contradictory to everything I've heard and read in regards to the money aspect of MTG.

  11. I suppose its all relative then.

    To compete professionally you needs. Lot of money to keep up with the metagame.

    But I'm talking about casual play with friends

  12. No, all you need to do is just ban some thirty cards every meta -_-
    Not even remotely balanced when you need to do shit like that.
  13. Anyways, we'll leave the MTG fanboys to their own thread.

    I am currently running a version of mech hunter which is doing pretty well. Gonna hit up hearthpwn and post the results.
  14. MTG has no investment, I've never even owned a single card and have played hours of Magic. They come out with a new digital Magic game every year.
  15. Maybe you should make a thread so the fanboy collective can rant about it? lol
  16. why? Someone already made a hearthstone thread. Its the perfect place.

    Anyone who likes hearthstone would love magic.

    Magic is like the grown up version of the kids game hearthstone

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    Because MTG fails where hearthstone succeeds. MTG has fallen into obscurity, where as hearthstone has come into prominence. Don't be mad bro. I understand you've put a lot of time into a game that nobody plays anymore, but that is fine, because hearthstone is here for you. Hearthstone can kill those long que times we both know you experience playing MTG.

    You can even earn some big boy prizes in a tournament if you perform well, rather than just.. Cards.. lol!


    And even better, you don't have to be a try hard fan boy in the hearthstone thread!

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    Lol dude hearthstone is fine and all but don't lie. Mtg has literally been growing every ear for the last ten. So much so that they had to allow groups to organize more high level tournaments. The last I played had a pot of 50,000$ for first and 5,000$ less for each spot down. These happen all over the world dozens of times a year. If you count the non wizards of the coast organizers your talking hundreds of tournaments a year. At worlds the winner won close to half a million dollars. Make sure you know what your talking about before you talk lol.

    Btw I'm a pro level magic player, that plays in most invitationals and championships here in the U.S. Made 45 grand last year top 8ing 10 tournaments alone lol.
  19. See, but why is this relevant to hearthstone?

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