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  1. I just got into the beta and been playing for a few hours, seems really fun like a stream lined Magic The Gathering...
    Any blades playing this? easy game to smoke while playing :laughing: :bongin:
    my battletag is AlphaOmega#1334
    Ive been messing around with druid alot, already got a decent deck made with the basic cards...

  2. Noone got into the beta? :(
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  4. I have the beta and I'm not a huge fan.  When it goes live it will be a P2W nightmare.  The card sets are not at all balanced between paid packs and free earned packs.
    In the 20hrs I've played I've unlocked all the basic packs for each class and played about 50 randomly matched games.  There is no reasoning or skill behind the game, it comes down to pure luck of the draw, and nothing turns you away from a game more quickly than watching your entire health bar drop in 1 single turn due to a bad draw of cards.
    Yes I've played Magic with my friends in the past, that was mountains of fun compared to this.  I was hoping at least for some really cool attack/defend animations but not even that.  I already feel bad for playing this game for 20hrs  
  5. There is plenty of skill needed to play this game. If you're always drawing a card into an empty hand you're doing it wrong lol. Learn some card synergy and figure out the best play for the turn.
    Also arena =/= P2W.
  6. haven't gotten a key yet i guess i'm just gonna play it when it gets released.
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    While I do agree the P2W aspect could get annoying (ive already fought some people with abunch of legendary cards and the silver ones and im only rank 21)  and I do agree that most of the basic packs suck ass, but this game does require skill to earn a hard fought victory.
    Thats not to say that I haven't spawned a 8/8 treant on the 3rd turn and won the game easily, but that is a rare occurance and common among Collectible Card Games.
    For some battle it all comes down to luck and how well you built your deck.
  8. beta went open for anybody who cares.
  9. I got beta invite but can't sign in to my account because of authenticator not working and support sucks for me so I won't be playing =(

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    Started playing this today and finding it a hell of a lot of fun!
    Sherak#2490 hit me up if you want a game, im shite thou! :)
  11. No hearthstone fans? c'mon blades... Awesome free game to be had and all is quiet....
    I'm still pro noob at it but finding lotta fun, current fav class is preist I think.. likin all the healing powers, anyone got any rare cards?
  12. ive been playing it for a month or so now, i was in the closed beta. its funny as hell. so far ive got a pretty good druid, shaman and hunter deck. 
  13. Magic forever. Never gonna try another card game again. Especially a wow inspired one

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  14. Its actually not that bad
    I agree Its really not terrible, I was surprised with it. I like the different classes and the mana each turn system its nice not having to stress about not pulling land right off the bat.
    I've been playing Magic the gathering online for a long while and this just wasn't so awesome it made me not want to play MTGO.
  16. just went 5-3 on my first arena run ever i'll take it. arena is probably the only thing i'll play from now on. constructed just doesn't do it for me .
  17. I went 1-3 my first arena run so your definitely better than me lol
    I haven't played a serious TCG since MTG in 5th grade :p
  18. I was in closed beta for a few months and I got decent at the game.  Highest rank so far was 9 and got to 11 wins max in arena while averaging about a 5-3 record.  I'll probably try to climb constructed once beta is over so my rank doesn't reset.. til then just gonna spam arenas lol
  19. This is a great game anyone still play this?
  20. Still not convinced when compared to mtg


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