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heart felt like it exploded last night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 197774, May 15, 2011.

  1. aiight blades, im not new toking, but i have cut down a bit, but anyways heres the story:

    last night i was chilling with my best friend and he had a blunt of .8 medical stuff rolled so we went outside to smoke it. everything was all good, we got really baked and went inside.

    so i was sitting down and about 20 minutes into the high i noticed my heart was beating EXTREMELY fast, so i tried calming down, but all of a sudden it felt like my heart exploded and that blood was gushing on the inside of my body. it really freaked me out.

    so was i just tripping out on some good weed or is this a medical concern? (ps. i have pretty bad anxiety if that makes any difference)
  2. You just got super high, its a symptom of weed, then when you think about it a lot anxiety kicks in and it gets worse, at least in my experience.
  3. Just don't smoke blunts, or at all.
  4. Smoke more blunts, or just smoke more weed.
  5. It's anxiety broskis. You allow your mind to convince you of something that's not happening as it seems or you feel slightly uneasy about something and your mind allows you to convince yourself it's worse than it seems and you over think it.
  6. If you are smoking the good stuff, and you let a little panic get to you, you are screwed. Getting really high is something you have to be prepared for. Its hard to explain, but when I start getting that feeling I just embrace it.
  7. When my asthma kicks in I get anxiety and its a bad thing lol, feels like im breathing through a straw then heart starts pounding and my high gets all funny.(not in a good way)

  8. LOL.. I keep an inhaler with my weed.
  9. It was probably time dilation mixed with a heightened sense of touch. You could feel everything that was going on inside of you and concentrate on everything as an individual sensation, but all at once.

    Next time you think your heart is beating faster than normal, time it with a trusted time source. Count how many times your heart beats in 20 seconds. 33 beats every 20 seconds is the upper threshold for a normal resting rate.

    A quick google search tells me that the maximum sustainable heart rate is about 200 bpm, or 66 beats in 20 seconds. Past that and you should figure out a way to slow your heart rate down, like by taking slower, deeper breaths.
  10. That's awesome! Whoever said Medicinal weed was good? Lol.
  11. This shit happens to me all the time. The first time it happened i was about 18 and i pretty mcuh convinced myself i was having a heart attack. It also sucks becasue it competely ruins any buzz.
  12. all theses guys are dumb bro... u just had a heart attack

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