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hearing sounds?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, May 3, 2003.

  1. Have any of you heard sounds that weren't really there, when you're really blazed up? This happens to me all the time, either I hear my parents talking (when they should be asleep), doors opening, foot steps, a crazy ass whistle and believe it or not whale sounds.
  2. when im blazed with my homie were fucking buging out specily whne we smoke my friend thought my dad was calling my name but we where in the woods alone. My dad wasnt home.
  3. yeah all the time, last night I kept on being paranoid for no reason! my friend came over and we sat across the street smoking out of my glass spoon.. It was like 11:30 at night and everyone in my neighborhood is asleep.. but I kept looking at my house thinking my dad was gonna walk out and see me taking a hit.. it was crazy..

  4. haha that happens to me to! like i will start to run tword the phone, because i think its ringing, and it didnt! i was like! holy shit! too much weed for me! better go pack a bowl:)......
  5. My ears ring pretty bad sometimes while stoned. It kinda depends where I am. And the phone always seems to ring right after I take a good hit. And it's always my mom or grandma. It's like they know I'm smoking and want to see how coherent I am.
  6. I always hear the same shit when i'm fried. it's always this wierd ass song that i'm not sure even exists. it's kind of cool though.
  7. yeah, I think I hear things all the time. I usually get somewhat paranoid about my parents when I toke up at night and I think they may come to the room for "something" but its not as bad as I use to be. probably cause I dont care and it ruins my high a little. so I try not to think about it. the worst was I wasnt high, and I heard constant radio snow. I couldnt kick it, it was a late depressing and stressful night at college..I started to get scared, cause it was *so* eminent. eventually I cried myself to sleep, it was a rough night that night
  8. I hear this wierd muffled humming and it sounds like its getting closer and then far away again. I also hear my dad sniffing outside my door and im afraid he will smell the weed but really hes asleep and its cars drivin by on the street after it rains. (fucked up) Weed can play tricks on ur brain but it can aslo make u hear a lot better. Thats y music sounds so damn good.
  9. nah cant say i do or ever have.
  10. Yeah i definately hear sounds. most of the time its a piano playing but sometimes i hear people i know (parents, friends) calling my name. I dont trip about it though, i know its the weed and i just continue doing what i was doing.
  11. "It's like Jerry Garcia is in my head!"
  12. I have kinda a musical background, so when i'm blazed i'll take every sound I hear and piece it into a song. Its like i sample all the noises and remix them into phat trance. Its awesome. Since I plan to major in electronic music in college, i'll just have to blaze some and then work on remixes. That would be tite.
  13. My ears ring when it's quite in my room. I partied with a friend that was blind. He had superman hearing and smelling when we tripped!! He would smell food and all kinds of crazy shit that wasn't there.
  14. hell yeah i hear shit when im faded! but after a while ive gotten used to the selective hearing induced by the weed and just learned to chill and not let it bother me ^_^
  15. i hear things lots, stoned or not stoned. especially phone ringing when music is playing.
  16. i hear things lots, stoned or not stoned. especially phone ringing when music is playing.

    yip.....especiallt the phone when the musics on.....Peace out......Sid
  17. when im in my house, i never hear anything extra cause to baze in my house the subwoofer must be up to at least 6+. If i dont hear something, and need to hear it, someone will tell me, otherwise i dont care, the bud is what counts...

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