Heard voices after blazing...wtf..

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  1. Well first off i been smoking for a while and this never happend.. and i am not saying it was laced because it was some schwag for free from a kid at school and hes from the "Hood" i guess you can say.. and i am from a wealthier town he is just one of 6 kids that get bused in from a diff town for whatever reason.

    So anyway i was doing what i usally do when im home and have no plans.. i go out side and smoke then play some xbox with a few friends. So i walk out side to my patio and smoke a bowl.. not really that much.. just a .3

    When im done and about to walk across my yard into my screened in porch that leads into a back entrace to my house and i start hearing a voice saying my name!?! they were saying the name "Joey" not "Joe" and the only people that call me Joey are close people.. like family or very close friends that are girls.. and there was nobody around.. i was all alone smoking by myself..

    I was bugging out thinking that it might have been my parents or something catching me smoking.. but no one was even around or knew i was outside.. i looked around and none of my neighbors were outside and it was pitch black by there houses (it was like 10pm) this happend a week ago and i did not tell anyone and still do not know what happend .. this is the first time i have even said anything about it because i dont want to sound like a crazy person...

    any idea wtf happend? i dont think it was the weed.. i mean it wasnt anything special and im used to smoking some pretty good weed and this is the first time i've ever smoked anything that low grade because ever sence i started i bought good stuff from close friends but recently 9 dealers were busted due to snitches so i had to make with that little bit of schwag =/.. but im still a little scared to walk out to my backyard patio and smoke alone so i have been doing it in my screened in porch when i do it alone which is still pretty scary because i heard lots of noises again out of nowhere but i managed
  2. Shit dude, try not to worry or think about it. Sometimes when I'm home(I'm in college) I smoke with some friends and then go back to my place and chill in my room with the tv or music on and I think everything I hear outside of my room is my parents calling for me. Or sometimes when I'm alone high or smoking I think I hear people for a brief second but no one will be anywhere near me. MJ is a mild psychedelic so that shit can happen.
  3. i was buggin out i thought ghost were talking to me..
  4. Not to worry you, but cannabis can accentuate underlying or unknown conditions such as schizophrenia. If it keeps happening you might want to think about seeing someone about it.
  5. I swear I heard people laughing one time. I was home alone and was too stoned for my own good, sitting on the computer browsin' the 'city. I was absolutely positivve I was hearing laughter. Then I got high...again.
  6. dude, im pretty sure thats happened to me more than once. weed can do some really frieky shit sometimes.
  7. that sucks dude

    i would just smoke the dank
  8. Heyyy Jooooooeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy.... Heyyyyy Jooooooeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy... want a balloon? They float...

  9. that happened to me once. I made a grilled cheese in my kitchen at like 2 in the morning, as i was walking up the stairs past my basement door, i thought i heard someone say, "Hello?" from down in the basement.

    also sometimes when i get really really fuckin high, i mean like smoking all day which is unusual for me. If im tired late at night after blazing and/or vaping a lot i will think i see something outta the corner of my eye and it freaks me the fuck out sometimes but i kinda know what to expect now when go through a half ounce of dank in a couple days

  10. ROFL, i read this and was like wtf? then I scrolled down. AHAHA. I remember when i was little and this scared the shit out of me.

    from the movie "it"
  11. holy shit.
    this movie used to scare the fuck outta me back in the day lol

  12. I live at home and I get that too- I feel like people are talking about me outside or something .

    i also get visual distortions- Marijuana is a psychedelic after all :smoke:
  13. I know cannabis can bring out like schizophrenia or psychosis.
    I am schizophrenic not from smoking, but sometimes, usually with shwag, it makes it a little worse. Not sure why but it does.
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    haha I get that a lot. It's not something to worry about. The herb affects some people differently then other. I wouldn't worry too much

    One day when I just walked in the front door from my friends house, I walked into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal and sat down. As soon as I sat down, I heard my friends yelling "Dude, were out back.open the door" and when I ran to the back door nobody was there.I was a little freaked at first but then said fuck it and finished my sweet bowl of captain crunch.:D
  15. yeh my attitude exactly :) just fuck it and continue enjoying myself. the other night i was watching a movie and i heard the door unlock and open, like my parents were home. happened like five times... so i knew it was just me overreacting.

    it only happens when im really baked and uncomfortable like im in the loungeroom near the door and my weed is out in plain view in front of me. if im in bed watching a movie on my laptop it never happens cos ive got not a care in the world.

    but yeah id say its pretty normal to experience that stuff.
  16. Excellent!

  17. ive thought that ive heard crasing noises outside. pot fucks with my head alot
  18. lmao, sometimes the cure to being too high, is just to get more high. :D
  19. That creeped me out lol!

  20. :bongin:

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