Heard the ol' "weed is a gateway drug" claim tonight...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ddabull88, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Basically a while back I got a dui and I was recommended to outpatient treatment because I had a high BAC. The court system is obviously flawed if I am placed in with people whose lives have been ruined because of alc/drug addiction and I'm in there because of a one night mistake.

    So after everyone went around the room and gave their background story(I felt so out of place with everyones story about being addicted to 30's and stealing and robbing people) the counselor goes, "see how everyones story started out similar?" "You all started out either smoking weed around 12-15 along with drinking" "Now don't tell me pot is not a gateway drug." If this wasn't court mandated and I didn't have to worry about jeapordizing my chances of getting out of their early by making it seem like im pro-drugs in a rehab place, I would have said something. Hello, pot itself does not make me want to go out and buy some tar and nod off. There are underlying issues that causes a person to move on to the next drug, not the physical or psychological effects of bud.

    God damn that burned me inside.. now I shall spark up a J:smoke:
  2. Milk was a gateway to alcohol!
  3. It is. Enough said.
  4. Weed is a gateway drug. Why is it a gateway drug? Because it puts us in contact with drug dealers and gives us the mentality that illegal drugs probably aren't that bad. Prohibition is the problem.
  5. other drugs seem so dirty to me...
  6. First poster summed it up perfectly.
    Who cares what that guy thought.
  7. Definitely a gateway drug. But this thread might be closed, don't be surprised if it is.
  8. Milk...The true gateway drug.:cool:
  9. a gateway drug when put in the wrong hands. but for me; I don't like drinking, I will never mess with hard drugs, everybody goes through their medicine cabinets eventually and currently i personally think I'm not ready for a spiritual journey just yet.
  10. If someone started out using heroin or ecstacy and later smoked weed for the first time, no one would call those gateway drugs. They call weed the gateway drug because it's so innocent.
  11. A gateway drug to the couch and the fridge
  12. I have a drug course coming up because I was busted.. I'm really going to have to bite my tongue when they start stating the "facts" oh how I love a good argument with idiots over weed.
  13. Yeah gate way mind opener** fuck society.
  14. i consider alcohol more of a gateway drug then pot.

    shit even coffee and sugar, and chocolate!

    those are the true gateway drugs
  15. technically the "gateway drug" is alcohol because most people learn of alcohol before weed of anything else because really it is everywhere and nobody really tells people not do to it. I'm not saying the should criminalize alcohol it's just that there just finding excuses to continue to brainwash people to think marijuana will make your life shit

  16. Next time you start a thread I'll be sure to feel the same way about yours.

    But seriously, it just bothers me that because some people have big drug problems, most of the time its comes back to the person starting out smoking tree and thats how the cycle continues.
  17. my "drug abuse class" teacher says that she doesn't care if it's illegal or not, just that, as with anything, it can be bad when used outside of moderation.
  18. Right when I hear the gateway claim I ask them if it would still be true if prohibition didn't exist. They quickly shut up and get put in their place. If they don't learn from that one simple argument I usually just walk away from them haha.
  19. Correlation does not equal causation, right? If it did we'd have gateway everything! Fuckin easy bake ovens are the gateway to grease fires. If there were grease fire victims in a talking circle the preacha man would stand up and preach awnn about that devilish childs toy causing all their misfortune in later life.

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