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Heard of this kind of bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mighnash13, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Alright so tomorrow ima pick up a dub of what my dealer calls "green lantern kush" anyone heard of it? or smoked it before? i just dont wanna get ripped off and have some lame ass shwag
  2. never heard of it, but theres tons of strains that i'ven ever hear of. Ask your dealer to see the sac before you buy it.
  3. Not sure about that one but if it is Kush you can't go wrong
  4. shit bro that looks like dank shit! ill be sure to post some pics as soon as i get it! thanks a lot!
  5. Thats frostier than car windows in the morning in December in New York.
  6. I wouldn't expect the buds to look like that though...I dont know who would bother selling those.
  7. I think one hit of that would make me retarded.

    But, strain names don't really matter. Dealers will call anything "kush" or "og" or tag whatever else to make it sound appealing.
  8. Yep, very true. Its good salesmanship to get the buyer all hyped up, thinking that they're getting some kind of 'special' weed.
  9. yeah true but ill defiantly put pics up of my pickup later today.
  10. hope you get some good shit man :smoke:
  11. thanks bro. i'll be sure to post it up haha. dont wanna disappoint
  12. Cant see clearly but looks like high mids. def not the stuff in the above posts, but nice pickup anyway
  13. yeah sorry about the quality my phone sucks.

    yeah doesn't look like the pic above but it hits pretty good.
  14. Haven't heard of that but if its kush you know it's going to be good :)

  15. Phones aren't very good at closeups. Try taking the phone back slightly until you can see it focus. Also, try to have something that will contrast the trichs, hairs, ect...

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