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Heard of strain "Golden Gorilla?"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by yerbamate, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I had a strain a few years ago called 'Golden Gorilla' that was very potent and pretty much ripped my face off. I only had a bit and I ended up giving most of it to another friend to was a heavier smoker than myself. I haven't been able to find any information or seeds and figured I'd see if anyone else had heard of it.
  2. might be a local strain
  3. I agree with the first person. Probably local strain.
  4. My neighbor works for a dispensary which grows a strain called "silverback gorilla", shortened to S.B.G. :wave:
  5. Sounds like your boy made it up, never heard of a legitimate strain named that. People make up BS names left and right, without any proper lineage.
  6. Whatever it was, it was absolutely incredible :)
  7. Sundaddy is right, I'm constantly hearing bs names thrown out by friends who deal. Nice knowing what's real and what's a ripoff.
  8. It was most likely goldenback gorilla, its real, and its fucking dank shit, about 500 an ounce, been trying to get it in weight for a while and haven't been able to find it. Good find dude
  9. Silverback Gorilla | Nug Porn

    Silverback Gorilla Marijuana Reviews - Leafly

    Apothecary Genetics | Grape Ape - Bubba Kush - Goo - ChemDawg - Kaia Kush - Livity - HeadBand - Pez - Sour Diesel - 3D - Lowrider - Old School Jams - Silver Back - Strawberry Cough - Very Berry Haze, Sour Grapes, Super Silver Haze, Triple X

    Silver Back
    (Hybrid Sativa-Indica)

    Creators: Apothecary Genetics

    Awards: None Yet

    Genetics: Grape Ape & Super Silver Haze

    Effect: Strong body and head medication.

    Taste: Grapy Menthol

    Flowering indoor: 8-9 Weeks, yield 700-800 gr / sqm
    Flowering outdoor: End of October

    I'm sure "Golden Gorilla" exists as well


  10. ya its a jamaican strain cuz i met this guy from there a few months a go and we wehere talking about bud cuz he wanna to find some dank and i ask whats the weed like in jamaica he named Golden Gorilla and said its the best in his home town :smoke:

  11. i forgot what documentary i watched, but this jamaican dude was featured. he said he was the exclusive grower of goldenback gorrila.
  12. Hahaha I was thinking that exact same thing, the documentary is called Drugs Inc. Marijuana on like national geographic or something.
  13. The documentary was called Drugs Incorporated, it was randomly on Nat Geo last night, he said he was the exclusive grower of 'Golden Back Gorilla' in Jamaica and the only person with an indoor hydro setup.Worth $500 an ounce U.S and dank as hell. It exists 100% hope this helped :)
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    GoldenBack Gorilla is 100% real, i know this post like 3 years old, but i see no pictures of goldenback gorilla online.......In Jamaica i got this whole ounce for $17,000 JA/$200 US approx, it was on the stems and was untrimmed so i get 3.5grams extra........

    goldenback gorilla is a haze/sativa dominant,silver haze crossed with something else i think, it smells like kool aid mix or fruit punch, fucking amazing weed.

    he also has a new strain which he calls "Boom", named that cuz it smells like an energy drink sold out here called Boom, but for you guys to understand, imagine breaking down a bud that smells like red bull.

    as for the high i dunno how to describe other than amazing and gets ur heart goin.

    the final picture is the boom which is golden back gorilla crossed with afghani, according to the grower. he barely grows tho (10-20 pounds evry 3-5 months) and to get his weed u gotta pre order it, noone else in jamaica grows weed as potent as his, so for anyone to be able to get it is truly a blessing.

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