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Hear music perfectly

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by P2therayer, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Last night i got super baked and was just chilling in my room playing some video games. I realized i was hearing music but no music was playing....

    has this ever happened to anyone before?
  2. Yup.

    You can even start to control that music, and craft your own.

    All inside your mind.
  3. Absolutely. There have been times where I'm listening to my iPod and I start hearing a completely different song in my head. I'll just turn off my iPod and listen to the music playing in my head instead lol.
  4. Yeah I always think the tv is on when I'maying in bed. Even when I'm sober :p
  5. I always hear music inside my head, also when I'm sober. Not 100% clear, but it's nice when I'm in class and I'm bored. :)
  6. lol!

    Why do you guys refer to yourself as like separate entities?

    You 'hear' music in your head? You don't 'hear' anything, that's you!! wtf lol. Pretty amazing what your mind can do huh? You can learn to 'see' music btw, you can learn to taste it and to touch it. Sensory input isn't limited to what you were raised to believe. Basically our brains are wired such that it crafts our reality around what sensory input it's receiving, which is why after a long time creating music you can blend your other senses with it. But that's essentially what is happening to you, 'hearing' it in your head is the beginning of that learning process. Your brain has learned the rules of the game, the same way it learned the way gravity works so you can move about the world. It's learning when x frequency yada yada is incoming that is the sound it creates, and it hardwires those into itself so you can call them up whenever you please, and it just gets more and more intricate over time.
  7. o____________o

    Most people, if not everyone knows that they aren't actually "hearing" music inside their head. But it's easier to say than what you just wrote. No one thinks that there's a MP3 player inside their head playing music.
  8. No, never happens to me...

    Sounds awesome though.
  9. That's not at all what I was saying, wooosh :smoke: Talking about it as if you're hearing music in your head is just odd, you get what I'm saying? That's like saying, there's these words being sounded out in my head when I read.

  10. chill bro, im not trying to go deep into the scientific reasoning of why this happens.
  11. Hell yeh man. :smoking:
  12. Oh lawdie don't be ignorant. You made a thread on a forum and it absolutely pertains, and it's hardly deep into the 'scientific reasoning' of 'why it happens'.
  13. which is why making/mixing music when you're high is awesome.
  14. Usually I'll just hear the song I want to hear. Then I will try to remember the name, track down the song, and listen to it.
  15. music is so much more "in depth" when you're high. and it''s just great:smoke:
  16. kingdom of mauri, your one ostentatious dude...
  17. Well yeah i can create some amazing music in my head. I just hope that one day i will be able to find a guitarist who is able to play out the ideas i come up with.

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