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Hear me out, how to eat higher

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by theshadowshower, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Okay so I can rip a like 3 .3 bowls from and bong and get pretty ripped... But I just smoked like .25 and honestly I'm pretty fuckin high... I'm not AS HIGH but I am very well happy with my smoking experience... I also found pipes get me high then bongs... Idk maybe I'm just fuck up... Let me know if you think I'm not insane... If your smoking tonight, start an hour early and only smoke .3 ... Then after an hour come post here and tell us wasup, I'm curious...
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    I can get ripped off .1 if I haven't smoked in a month. The amount you smoke only has "some" to do with your high. It's like any trip. Set and setting have a big impact...much bigger than daily tokers seem to realize. Just framing a high correctly can result in a magical experience. Sometimes you don't realize if you are in a good mood and smoke your high will be a lot different than a bad mood and then smoking to reach a nice equilibrium. Can catch you by surprise.
    You're smoking tool has a lot to do with a high assuming you keep all set and set variables constant. (Toking at your house after work). It hits differently, the amount is usually different, different mental perception...all play a role.
    7 hits over 10 minutes is very different than 1 big one in 15 seconds. I get used to a pipe after a week so that's when I switch it up. Just smoking out of the piece I want to at that moment very much increases my high. Sure that's mental framing but so what.
    Then you have solo seshes vs group. I "seem" to get higher from pipes just because I smoke less and get just as high by myself...however I never tried a bong by myself until a certain point (always with friends) and it was a lot stronger method of smoking than I thought by myself.  Grav bongs are super conservative with weed and get you pretty damn high but you need a certain tolerance level (too high and it's a hassle). Soooo many pieces, so much diversity. It's nice...until you get profiled for having them. That's lame.
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    Smoked about .3 of some good crumble, and I can say I'm definitely baked right now?
  4. [quote name="4shotmark" post="19372565" timestamp="1390192763"]Smoked about .3 of some good crumble, and I can say I'm definitely baked right now?[/quote]I bet you are lol Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. I get fucked up off .2 lmao I love my low tolerance 😌
  6. I'm high and even I didn't understand that shit. 
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  8. you are absolutely insane.
  9. You are a fucked up individual with many problems.
  10. Well thats a little harsh
    I'd post my results but sadly I ran out of my magical flowers :(
  11. i've been smoking for years and in all honesty, I don't get too much overwhelming higher off of say a 8 gram blunt than a .3 gram bubbler/bong bowl if i'm in the right environment. I feel sorry for the stoners who think that in order to get high, you have to smoke like 5-10 grams. It's all perception after a certain point if you ask me. That's how I go through bud at a much slower rate than my friends-i smoke less bud when I smoke. Yet, I stil get higher than they do, even though we all started smoking at the same time
  12. i read it 4 times trying to figure out what OP is talking about lol

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