hear is a pic of my 1 week old baby

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by up in smoke, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. looks purdy. hope it turns out good for ya. How many plants are you growing?
  2. looks great!

    good luck!
  3. Witout meaning to be rude, it looks EXACTLY like EVERY OTHER 1 week old seedling I have ever seen.

  4. ya why wouldent it look like any other.

    i have about 10 i will post a pic of all of them when they are all about 3" tall.
    by the way im not using any lights i have it sitting on my window ledge and day in the sun.
  5. So why bother posting its pic????
  6. Because hes excited

    Also, alot of experienced growers can offer tips and tell him if he is doing anything wrong by just looking at a pic

    Back off man :smoking:
  7. wat are you growing in?
  8. is that one of those peat pellet things?
  9. ya people told me not to use them but they are working great.
  10. ur all douche bags the kid likes his seedling so let him have it.... go luck j man
  11. do u know who i am because my name starts with a j hahah.
  12. stretch. jordan?

  13. hahah no its james. nice name upn'smoke
  14. i am going to use a peat pellet too my seeds germinated and im just waiting for the tap root to get longer i have a peat pellet ready!
  15. cool just make shure they are not to wet they hold so much moisture u dont have to water them for like a week and a half
  16. Nice seedling man. keep up the good growing:smoking:

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