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  1. First timer here and hoping for the best with minimal equipment.

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  2. Perlite when u transplant will help a lot with drainage. Do u plant on bumping up to a 5 gallon pot since your growing outdoors
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  3. Yeah, looks ok.
    Agreed on throwing some perlite in. Maybe 30-40%. If it's a big pot, throw some clay balls down the bottom.
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  4. yep argee with the guys above perlite added to grow medium for drainage 30% at least stop a few later problems ,,,mac,,
  5. I was Thinking of leaving them in those pots. Would that be a bad decision? I don’t have much for resources.
  6. I don't think it's the pots that are the problem.
    How are they looking now, can we see?
    You do need to re-pot them though...gotta mix something through that medium or it'll just turn like brick-like.
    Is the pot just full of that? When you water, how much are you watering, and how much drains out?

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