Healthy seedling tips please(from seed)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by masterlights, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Ive been having vegative problems which i believe is due to overwatering.i used to start the seeds in 1 gallon pots.It seems back in the day i had more luck starting them in red plastic cups with a hole in the bottom for drainage and will be starting my next batch this way.

    Right now i start from seed and was thinking if i fill the red cup with soil then water the medium with spring water till comes out the bottom of cup and place seed in, there should be enough moisture in there for almost a week maybe..therefore i wont be able to overwater them and will be easier to tell when they need water by picking up the cup.Then i ll be transplanting in 1 gal pots after 2 weeks to finish veg.

    What do you guys do or whats ur setup when growing healthy vegative plants.When do you start with a 1/4 strength feed?
  2. Pretty much what i do, but this time i got a little 6" pot to veg in for a little while longer. But i don't start nutes for about 3 weeks at least.
  3. maybe i ll look into 6 inch pots.the only thing i dont like about the red cups is their pretty small but 1 gal pots are a too big.
  4. Ya in the past my plants in the red cups got rootbound pretty quick so i grabbed one of these pots and it holds way more soil so i'm just going to veg in this and transplant a week or 2 before i flower.
  5. is it 6" deep and 6" round?you got a link to the pots?

    the cups arent bad their around 4" wide by 5" deep.
    2weeks is max for the cups though
  6. Start in the red solos you dont wanna start in big pots because it harder for your roots to get rootbound. I know this sounds bad but it is infact good for your plant to get as tight as a root system as possible, as soon as its rootbound transplant to something 5 times the size, you want your roots to be as tightly wound as possible. Also i wouldnt start with spring water start with distilled the plants dont need nutrients or any minerals until 2-3 weeks. Distilled is perfect for this.
  7. Ya i think they are 6x6, i don't have anything to measure with so i'm eyeballing it, but it is taller than a red cup for sure. I just got it at a local garden store, it was like 2 bucks, so just look around.
  8. yea but dont plants need calcium/magnesium when their seedlings.doesnt spring water have these nutrients where as distilled doesnt have anything.i know soil doesnt have cal mag either.i mean i could add calmag to distilled but i thought spring water had it??

    can someone are right though about the root bound.its almost like plants rather root bound one container then transplant to the next stage up and so forth.ive been starting in 1 gal pots and have had nothing but not even overwatering insane its just it seems im up against a wall.

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