Healthy plant for 2 weeks? *Pictures*

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  1. this is my 1st grow i have just this one plant under a 26w CFL light, it is a bagseed i got from some good danks not to long ago this plant is 2 weeks and i was wondering if it is healthy, some of the leaves have started to dry out and get crispy on the edges is this normal? its not realy noticeable you can barely notice in the pic but you can still tell its starting to curl and dry up.. i have some questions: how far should the light be from above the plant at this age?
    how often should i water it? (ive been watering it once in the morning and once at night)

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  2. ??? nobody know if its on track and healthy
  3. Haha looks real good man. Take a look at my grow and thats my 2 week plant so you're ahead of me! Good work!
  4. Water it when the top couple of inches are dry, keeping the soil moist at all times will suffocate your roots. Overwatering could be the cause of your curling. The light can be as close as you want it, if you can put your hand right next to the bulb without it being hot for your hand then it's safe for the plant.
  5. thanks for your help i just hope its good weed lol
  6. It's that mayo'!
  7. No. Actualy its that granddaddy kush'. nice try though :smoke:
  8. and i hope it's a girl!:smoke:

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