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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Droe420, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Was just wondering if you all thought the plant is doing well and if any give some sugestions. I transplanted it about a week ago aand the plant is about 9 inches tall and has been on 12/12 for about 3 days. What you all think?

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  2. Why are you inducing flowering when so small?
  3. MORE LIGHT..thats all i gotta say man

  4. how do you know much light he has man? The don't look stretched bad at all.

    But what kind of light are you using?
  5. it looks fine bro. as long as its a good strain it will be potent. Most potency is lost during trim/dry/curing. dont over look these crucial steps
  6. Your plants look good. What strain are you growing??
  7. eh i dont really know what strain it is i am growing just some bag seed that i had. So its prolly nothing too good
    i dont really know a good place to get seeds cuz i always get ripped off by the seed banks i dont trust them
  8. what kind of light/lights?:D
  9. eh got a 400 watt metal halide light going on with a fan so its got some air flow the temp is around 75 or 80 degrees so i think its doing pretty good
  10. Yea thats fine don't even listen to the dude saying you don't have enough I don't know what that was about.
  11. yeah thanks i was wondering why that guy said i needed more light but its all good now hopefully the bud will be potent. Ill keep udating when do u think i should flower the grow space is only 12 inches tall and the plant is already 9 inches tall
  12. I need help......
  13. wow.... Ummm... When you put her in flower... she's probly going to double in size so think some LST... flower... any day you are ready bud!
  14. that plant is really nice looking so far. seems to me like your going to need bigger growspace though seeing as plants get real big when they are in a flowerpots
  15. thanks ppl :)
  16. .............................
  17. how do you exspect us to tell how potant its going to be lmao?
  18. if u want to see a increase in yield shell out the extra 70 on a hps bulb, i grew all the way through my grow with a MH bulb once but was dissapointed in the density of the bud and the overall size. but if u cant afford it MH will have to do.

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